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Maria Rosa Plans
Maria Rosa Plans

Maria Rosa Plans, orientates individuals, companies and organizations in the awakening of consciousness and development of personal capacities to contribute to the wellbeing and liberty of the person through self-recognition, to build cultural organizations of excellence to thrive in a changing environment.


A specialist in directing and guiding group dynamics. Pioneer in providing courses and travel experience for life transformation in the desert and elsewhere in the world. Expert in guidance and support for people discovering their own potential (Coaching). Recognized as a  professional in the field of self-understanding, realizing courses at  Individual level, business seminars and conferences in Spain and abroad.


She has worked with teams and managers of several companies and institutions: Gallina Blanca, Bates Holding (advertising) Feedback Business Development Pfizer (pharmaceutical laboratories. Selec (HR) Región Sanitaria (collective Hospital doctors and nurses) ESCOLA Public Administration, in the ‘Spanish Embassy in Guadalajara (Mexico) and Zimbabwe among others.



Bachelor of Music, Piano (Music School BCN)

Training and Yoga Zen Master Deschimaru Van Lisebeth and others

Seitai Training, Culture and Life Healthcare. Master Katsumi Mamine

Applied Psychology (School Provincial BCN)

Psychological and anthropological research of the “Codex Tezcatlipoca”

Neurolinguistic programming NLP

Gestalt – School William Reich

Bussiness and You. Prof. David Neeman