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Who we are

Pinea3 is an international consulting and training firm specializing in organizational & team development and conscious leadership, using systemic and humanistic solutions and techniques.

At the heart of our work is the belief that every organization is a force for good and that the future of a healthy and prosperous society lies in our leaders’ ability to think and act in a sustainable way.


We are based in Barcelona, London, San Diego and Bogota.


We help Owners, CEOs, and Senior Leaders build high performing businesses through a systemic and humanistic methodology for improving the health of organizations.


The unique Pinea3 methodology combines diagnostics with experiential team dynamics to help organizations, teams and individuals achieve better business results by:

  • More effectively deploying and consolidating strategy and major business changes
  • Aligning around a purpose, vision, culture and values
  • Developing conscious leadership
  • Transforming culture
  • Enhancing decision making, greater commitment and trust


Our tailor-made consultancy programs integrate business strategies with people development initiatives and our training programs help practitioners and corporate executives gain valuable perspectives on a systemic and humanistic approach to business.


Our clients come from across the globe. Our team is on the ground in Europe, South America and North America and we have an extended partner network in Asia, Middle East and Australia.

Our story

Pinea3 was founded in 2007 in the city of Barcelona. We have sinced opened hubs in London, San Diego and Bogota
The Pinea3 Team share a common ambition: to help leaders understand the systemic nature of organizations and thereby build sustainable high performing businesses.


Behind the creation of Pinea3 is a simple yet profound reality: all organizations (public and private) are living entities. They have different levels of energy in the same way a human body does. These energies can be measured (diagnosed) and provide powerful opportunities to intervene and heal the organization.

Leveraging this awareness, we have developed a business based on a unique Methodology called OES (Organisational Energy System) and an international network of like-minded people.


Pinea3 continues to grow and benefit from the expertise and experience of our international partners, with different leadership, academic and management backgrounds and breadth of international experiences.


“Our ambition is to help build fully human organizations through promoting the principles of conscious leadership in action”

Mission & Values

Mission: To be transformation agents in society by positively influencing conscious change in the business world







The Pinea3 Team

Co-founder & Partner of Pinea3

Co-founder & Partner of Pinea3

Co-founder & Partner of Pinea3

Partner of Pinea3

Partner of Pinea3