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Pinea3 works with leaders and executive teams to help transform their organization.  We help leaders align around a common vision, strategy and culture and build healthy and high performing businesses.



At the core of our methodology is the OES (Organizational energy system) a systemic tool to help determine the health, qualities and opportunities for an organization. We promote the tenants of conscious business, helping leaders develop new business models that integrate people, planet and profit into their DNA to achieve better results.


Working across a range of sectors including; banking, industry, retail, healthcare, technology and logistics, we help organizations define their higher purpose, create authentic cultures, and establish powerful value models that integrate the interests of all their stakeholders.

Mission & Values

When an organization’s mission and values are placed at the core of an organization’s strategy there is increased alignment and enhanced performance.

We help organizations to define, clarify and share their mission, vision, purpose and values in a unique way, combining different levels of strategic & humanistic tools. Our process empowers people to embrace a common vision and make individual and team commitments.

Board Advisory

Executive Board’s often face complex challenges; changes in founders/management team, conflicting executive positions, lack of alignment, interrelation of business and family issues and many other issues that require sensitive conversations with a trusted advisor.

The capacity to link challenges, reflections and changes at Board level to the wider business system is a key Pinea3 strength in building healthy and high performing organizations.

Strategic Visioning

A great leader is a grounded visionary.  Most of our clients contact us when they are going through a significant business change and recognize the need to reaffirm the strategic direction and principles of the business and execute in a more systemic way.
We work with leaders to:
envision the future of an organization
clarify decisions and deploy and consolidate strategy
organize the strategic system in a way that empowers deployment and the successful achievement of business results.

Leadership Development

Successful management today is not about being technically skilled but about developing self-awareness and leadership competencies.

New leaders must be able to develop themselves, gather knowledge and wisdom, and gain practical know-how to apply to their teams and organizations. The ability to work in cooperation in a generative way is nowadays a business fundamental.

Providing humanistic and systemic management skills and tools is key to facilitating leadership and transformative capacity to the individuals who lead organizations and teams.

We are specialized in working with top leaders and HIPO’s to transform them into better leaders for their organizations and for our society

Culture Transformation

“Culture eats Strategy for breakfast”. The organizational culture defines how people actually work every day. How they share, request, communicate, collaborate, innovate, etc.

When our strategic vision does not match our organizational culture, we need to embark on a cultural transformation program that aligns the two. At Pinea3, we have specific tools, models and methods to help organizations of any kind transform their culture in order to reach their strategic goals and increase organizational performance/excellence.

Team Alignment

Alignment is one of the keys to leadership. Aligning the management team around a corporate identity and its business objectives is the most powerful factor for success or failure of an organization.

Team alignment is achieved by embracing the different human realities within the team in an appreciative manner,  so that everybody can feel he/she is part of the system and that any contribution is heard and valued.

Creating jointly, new spaces (situations, strategies, purpose, targets, goals, etc.) that are not “mine/yours” but “ours” and that allow a feeling of propriety for the project are the key elements to boost a team and execute strategy.

Pinea3 Regional Hubs
What will the Pinea3 approach achieve for Leaders?

Carry out strategic and business changes quickly and effectively, in a human and sustainable way.


Integrate business strategies with people development through a proprietary systemic and humanist methodology and improve the quality of the strategic plan.


Facilitate the development of business goals and purpose, such as commitment around a vision and corporate values.


Strengthen the corporate culture often weakened by mergers, acquisitions, changes in leadership, restructuring etc, developing committed and motivated teams, aligned with the vision of the Senior Management.


Assimilate economic with social and environmental benefits in order to achieve real prosperity in business.

What will the Pinea3 approach achieve for teams?

Align team objectives with strategic goals and corporate vision.


Increase the motivation and individual commitment of its members.


Reduce destructive conflict and emotional stress to improve well -being.


Increase cooperation and improve communication and strengthen team bonds.


Improve creativity, innovation and group decision-making.