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Xavier Tarré
Xavier Tarré
Co-founder & Partner of Pinea3

I am a systemic consultant, executive coach, facilitator, speaker, author and a co-founder and Partner of Pinea3 Living Organisations


I spend my time in Columbia and Spain and have worked for the last twenty years across Europe, America and Asia; as an entrepreneur and managing director of TAGA, my own strategic consultancy company specialising in China operations outsourcing and industrial investment: A tremendous experience!


In addition to my training as an Organizational Engineer, my personal evolution, increased awareness and sharpened sense of social responsibility brought me to pursue formal education in Executive Coaching and Change Management. I have also trained with pioneers and leaders in the fields of Sustainable Business Strategies, Organizational Systemic Analysis and Energy Enhancement Techniques.


I am a co-author of ‘Trabajas o colaboras? Team beat, la eficacia de la cooperación’. and ‘Energía Organizacional: las 7 variables de excelencia empresarial’.


I feel life is a wonderful gift! This gives me a lot of energy and meaning in order to live and share life with passion everyday.