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Joan Cos
Joan Cos
Co-founder & Partner of Pinea3

I am a consultant, coach, trainer, author, speaker and co-founder & partner of Pinea3 Living Organizations.


Currently I devote my time to assisting my clients in their evolution towards better places and situations and to nurture my family of my wife and three children. I speak Catalan, Spanish, English, and French fluently.

I have a degree in Law and also studied Economics (Spain), and Marketing (NYU, USA). I have a Masters in NLP and in Coaching (Spain). Receiving training in other trans-personal tools and techniques gives me better awareness and enhanced skills to work with teams and individuals.


Over the course of more than 20 years I have experienced business as an entrepreneur in IT and in services for innovation, as a strategy consultant and in international trade. I have been a consultant for the European Union, in Cairo, in Institutional Development. I had a role as a Director in the merging of two public agencies (Government of Catalonia). I am co-author of the book “¿Trabajas o colaboras? Team Beat” (Ed. Profit, 2012.) and the book “Organizational Energy: 7 pilars of business excelence” (Ed Profit 2012)


I live life as an ongoing opportunity to explore, improve, give and love authentically. I have lived and worked in Germany, USA, Egypt and Spain.