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The OES is a systemic way of looking at the health and performance of an organization. It helps leaders understand the blocks that are holding them back from realizing their vision and executing their strategy and works systemically to create alignment, empowerment and trust throughout the business. OES is based on the premise that organizations are living systems with energy centres (Organizational Chakras) These centres when blocked, can radically reduce the ability of an organization to perform, however, when clear and balanced, can create optimum health for an organization. The OES is underpinned by a robust qualitative and quantitative diagnostic tool which we believe is unique in the business world today.

What is Organizational Energy?
The 7 Organizational Chakras

Pinea3 has developed a unique methodology for organizational and team development based on 7 variables which correspond to the 7 Organizational Chakras.


These 7 variables of the Organizational Energy System (OES) are the energy flows that help leaders us to understand and accurately define the health, performance and behaviour of their organization, from a complete systemic view.

The 3 phases of the OES Development Process
Discovery Phase > Self-awareness of the Organizational Energy System.
Empowerment Phase > Individual and Team responsibility and commitment.
Realization Phase > Implementation of change and integration with business strategy.
Pinea3 Systemic Tools and Techniques

Pinea3 methodology encompasses an array of powerful tools originating from a variety of disciplines. It also integrates wise ancient knowledge with cutting-edge, advanced techniques for organizational, leadership and team development.


This results in a wide and efficient set of operational and transformative tools and techniques. We classify them into five categories.


  • Experiential Team Dynamics
  • Group and Individual Coaching
  • Systemic Configurations
  • Energy Enhancement Techniques