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Pinea3 San Diego started its operations in 2013. We currently serve all North America from this location.

 We are undeniably in a moment of a global shift and we believe that we are at the intersection of challenge, and possibility.

We founded and expanded Pinea 3 globally to open up new possibilities for positive organizational change. As systems thinkers and experts in human dynamics, we know that relationships are at the heart of our work and our lives. We work with organizational leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, and dreamers of a better future, to find and unleash the essence of meaningful relationships and prosperous organizations.

Our Expertise

Our clients are leaders with vision, are organizations that excel at what they do. They embrace changes to strategy and environment and seek to become better aligned, more agile, resilient and effective.

We work with our clients in the areas of culture tranformation, effectiveness of globally distributed organizations and leadership development programs.

We bring process, strategy and relational skill to meet our client’s business objectives and strategic vision.

Our team is structured to align and thrive in the rapidly changing climate in which our clients and we find ourselves. Our core team of consultants, coaches, subject matter experts and advisors have decades of experience, and are based throughout North America and Europe.

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