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We help Owners, CEOs, and Senior Leaders build high performing businesses through a systemic and humanistic methodology for improving the health of organizations.


At the core of our methodology is the OES (Organisational energy system) a systemic tool to help determine the health, qualities and opportunities for an organisation. We promote the tenants of conscious business, helping leaders develop new business models that integrate people, planet and profit into their DNA to achieve better results.


Working across a range of sectors including; banking, industry, retail, healthcare, technology and logistics, we help organizations define their higher purpose, create authentic cultures, and establish powerful value models that integrate the interests of all their stakeholders


The OES® is a systemic way of looking at the health and performance of an organization. It helps leaders understand the blocks that are holding them back from realising their vision and executing their strategy and works systemically to create alignment, empowerment and trust throughout the business. OES is based on the premise that organizations are living systems with energy centres (Organizational Chakras) These centres when blocked, can radically reduce the ability of an organization to perform, however, when clear and balanced, can create optimum health for an organization.


Our Managing Partner Erika Uffindell heads a team of consultants, specialist practitioners and collaborators, who work with leaders to deliver systemic solutions for a range of organizational needs.

Our Expertise

The core capabilities of Pinea3 London are:

  • Envisioning the future of organizations and defining their higher purpose (beyond profit)
  • Aligning senior teams around common ambition,vision and values
  • Integrating a systemic lens and applying to purpose, opportunities, challenges and wellbeing
  • Enhancing self awareness, decision-making, commitment and trust
  • Strengthening communication and dialogue for business impact
  • Inspiring leaders to embrace conscious business principles
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Erika on Conscious Leadership
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