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As a part of our expertise and portfolio in consulting, organizational and leadership development we offer an array of training programs that cover the skills, capacities and knowledge that organizations need in order to achieve transformation and sustainable change.

Pinea3 training programs complement the traditional approach of training and business schools with our humanistic and systemic methodologies, techniques and tools based on the principles and concepts of Integral Vision of the human being, Systemic View and Everything is Energy.

A. Leadership Programs

  • Development Program for Humanistic and Systemic Leadership.

Based on the spiral learning model and the seven energy centres, this program builds leadership capacities of a team cantered around; Systems, Emotional Intelligence & Personal Energy, Intuition and Personal Purpose, Appreciative and Generative Collaboration, Communication & Storytelling, Decision making, Wisdom and Conscious Leadership & Entrepreneurship. The program provides experiences; models, reflections, relations and practical tools for the leader to better perform in today’s challenging business environment. It is a highly transformational program delivered in 7 workshops (half or one day) and a residential module (1.5 days) over one year


  • Beats.

Pinea3 Beats are half-day training modules that focus on a specific skill, capacity or knowledge. Some of the most demanded Beats are: Emotional Intelligence, Appreciative Collaboration, Strategic Alliances, Communication, Strategic Visioning, Intrapreneurship, Decision Making, Values Driven Team and Humane & Business Systems.


  • Customized Programs

We create customized training programs that tackle specific needs and circumstances of leadership and management teams. Modules can be drawn from our wider Executive programs and tailored to the unique needs of an organization.

B. Pinea3 Training Programs

A unique training program providing the tools and insights to transform organizations in the new business paradigm.

-       Gain an understanding of conscious business principles and how to apply them to transform organizations.

-       Gain and experience a new perspective systemic and humanistic approach to business.

-       Explore the Organizational Energy System (OES).

-       Experience new tools to help teams and organizations achieve and sustain business excellence and prosperity.

Several courses are planned each year in Spanish and English. The dates and locations will be published on our website.

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