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Project & Testimonial

Case 1

The client is an industrial corporation in the automotive industry, with operations in 22 countries and +7.000 employees. The business provides car part products and services to the majority of car manufacturers on the planet.


Following the creation of a business unit to manage in a new geographic region there was a need to improve engagement and alignment of the management team in order to deliver effective and timely business results.


The work started with the top management team utilising Phase 1 of the Pinea3 methodology and cascading down to next level of management during Phase 2. Over a number of months, individuals within the management team went through a process of opening, acceptance and mutual recognition. They achieved personal alignment with the business strategy and made clear individual and group commitments. The team has gone through a self-assessment of their unit following the 7 x3 parameters of the Organizational Energy System ® methodology and have identified the opportunities for improvement. Accordingly, they have revised their business strategy and developed a set of actions to deploy the change required.


The new business unit achieved its business goals one quarter ahead of forecast.


The above process was repeated 2 years later with another business unit.

Case 2

The client is a small network of retail stores for adventure and mountaineering equipment and services. They are a small team of passionate and committed people.


As the business expanded the CEO wanted to improve results by deepening collaboration and strengthening alignment, creativity and passion.


A short and limited intervention of Pinea3 created the ground for deeper and more meaningful relations among all employees in the stores and put the business focus into cross selling, shared problem solving and a more meaningful exchange of information.


Although business results cannot be made directly accountable to the intervention, the CEO and employees report high levels of satisfaction.

Case 3

The client is number four in the national rankings and is one of the few banks that survived the severe restructuring of the sector post the economic crisis. A crisis that culminated in only seven banks remaining from the original forty-seven in the country.


Whilst the bank approached Pinea3 for a very specific need in the Corporate Banking division, after the first stage of the program the remit expanded to take in the first management level of the wholesale banking branch (corporate banking, structured funding, private banking, international business).


After a post crisis reflection and a strategic rethink, the bank was looking for new ways to conduct business in terms of client orientation, relationships, personal skills and alignment with the strategy and values. The bank sought news ways to upgrade personal skills and attitudes to underpin a new approach to banking.


Pinea3 developed two programs; firstly; specific training in human and systemic skills and a secondly; a reflection and realignment of the top management team towards a new way of banking.



The bank has achieved an increase in turnover and profitability whilst the rest of the regional competitors are experiencing challenging results. Although it is not proven that the increase in profits is a direct result of the Pinea3 intervention, the managers of the business units have recognised an obvious and direct correlation between the transformation made and the results.

Case 4

The client is a theatre offering a comprehensive array of theatre experiences from small specialty performances to renowned performances with highly regarded actors and directors, The employees of TNC are a rich mixture of art oriented managers, technicians and implementers that constantly have to balance budget with art. Art and business together are a rich expression of diversity.


The management of TNC needed to integrate the different perspectives, attitudes and styles of management both at team and individual level. Interventions were aimed at integrating these teams to achieve a powerful force of change and improvement across the organization.


These interventions included: systemic workshops (OES) that aligned, re-energized and built engagement and commitment, with specific focus on communication and collaboration.


Following the Pinea3 intervention the organization has a new energy. The tensions and conflict have disappeared and has been replaced with a productive and creative energy impacting on the main business processes (budgeting and planning) flowing effectively across departments. At individual and team levels, situations and conflicts are now being resolved more effectively resulting in employees experiencing a greater sense of well-being.

Case 5

The client is a family owned and managed group in the food and catering industry. The Arcasa company is a wholesale food distributor and the group specialises in catering with a specialization in the medical and health sector.


Pinea3 was appointed at a time when the CEO was reorganizing and transforming the group to fully connect with the needs of the market and future proof its competitive advantage. A new strategy recognised people’s roles as value creators (or destroyers) for organisational success.


Pinea3 worked with two different businesses and management teams within the group.


In parallel with the management team work some issues arose with the family (as founders), which were also addressed using systemic approaches and techniques.



The work resulted in both clarification on some aspects of ownership and empowering solutions for the management.


After completing Phases 1 and 2 of the methodology the management team has undertaken the “Pinea3 leadership program “ for self-development and embedding of conscious leadership principles.

Case 6

The client is a middle size city (80k hab) within the great Barcelona area in Spain. With a highly dense population, proximity to Barcelona city, the port and the airport and a dynamic business environment and large agricultural area the town wanted to better define its assets and challenges. The local government was a coalition of two political parties that demonstrated a positive and balanced relationship, however, recent legal changes at the national level impacted the management of the town with regards competencies and financing.


As a vibrant, innovative and sophisticated public administrator the Town Hall set the goal to improve its health and move towards excellence in people management as a key strategic tool for tackling these new challenges.


Over a number of months the Ajuntament (town hall) followed Phases 1 and 2 of the Pinea3 Methodology, and is currently seeking to implement Phase 3, the aim of which is to implement the organizational development plan, strengthen self development, embed conscious leadership principles and become agents of change.


Transformation occurred at many levels; within the management team, the political team, and across all employees. There was increased motivation and alignment in strategies and mission deployment and clear action planning and integration for organizational and personal development.


An unexpected outcome was that a group of employees spontaneously created their own initiative to drive personal growth to effect deeper organizational change



“Working with Pinea3 has provided us with the development of a new efficient and more conscious leadership. This work, experienced by more than 30 of our managers in Europe has given us a shared vision at an organizational level as well as personal growth and a strong team ethos. Today we can say that we are a more powerful and aligned team in all respects, clearly better prepared to face actual and future challenges.”


Francisco Martin Villanueva – Executive President – MRW GROUP

“Working with Pinea3 has been an incredibly positive experience. On the one hand, it has enabled us to interpret, internalize and prioritize the message of the 3 P’s (People, Planet, Profit) and on the other it has enabled us to internalize the message across the management team that the ‘how’ is as important as the ‘what’. Through this work we have explored a completely different and new methodology; understanding the systemic aspects of an organization and through this our integral vision has grown and developed. Pinea3 has improved or decision making and ability to prioritize within the team. We now realize that in organizations there are no longer leaders but change agents who after a listening exercise are able to interpret, design and facilitate change for others.

In MRW we have always been known for doing different things, and the exercise carried out with Pinea3 is certainly out of the ordinary. I recommend it to any organization aiming to really develop its leaders and teams”.


Luis Recolons – Managing Director – S.P. ASEPEYO

“The change in business culture in which we are immersed is essential for our future and can only come about by aligning people with a common awareness and unique vision. Our experience with Pinea3 is making this process easier and has had a significant impact on the whole process”.