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Organizational Energy

Organizational Energy. The 7 pilars of the business excelence.

Including examples and real cases// facts.


A successful transformational business methodolgy with a vision of an organization as a living system to reach a much prosperous business in organizational, economic, social and environmental aspects.


We live in a changing world/ times where the traditional patterns that helped us to reach where we are are not useful anymore to keep developing


This book recommends to leave the complete vision of the business behind and adopt a more systemic vision of our organizations to develop an analogy between the human and the business energy systems.


Whenever a part of business does not function with the current system, it would be eliminated and replaced, on the other hand, this book suggests to analize the reason why it does not work and put it in place again. It consists on healing the business to be healthier and more productive.


It recommends a “how-to” model for its implementation in the organizations: the Organizational Chakras that allow to heal our businesses.


It includes a self-assessment quiz for SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) and teams. A useful book aimed at entrepeneurs, CEO and leaders of any type of organizations.

Working or collaborating? Team Beat, the efficiency of cooperation.

Together with the EADA Business School Barcelona, Enric Bernal, Joan Cos and Xavier Tarré, co-founders and partners of Pinea3, have taken part as co-authors in the production of this book; an in-depth work carried out by a team of 10 professionals and specialists in the field.


The publication offers a new and different view of teamwork; understanding the team as a living system, managing the power of its diversity, building trust, defining balanced decision- making, developing the capacity for innovation and for ongoing learning.


The authors recommend collaboration as the best strategy for these difficult and changing economic, political and social times. “Working or collaborating?” is a good way of understanding and exploring the dynamics that make a team healthy and consequently, more effective.


Throughout this book the authors have a looked at different aspects of teamwork in the current context and presented new and challenging points of view. The book is presented as a midpoint between academic rigor and deep industry experience and tries to reach a sensible commitment between these two often opposite, points of view.


The complete work comprises; 10 co-authors with extensive professional experience and multiple specialities: Enric Bernal, Carlos Brugarolas, Joan Cos, Jordi Costa, David Hudnut, Lucía Langa, Franc Ponti, Kelly Simmons, Jeroen van Zoggel and Xavier Tarré. The work was sponsored by the EADA Innovation Centre.


The book is available in Spanish in the management section in most bookstores and was edited (for Spain and South America) by the editorial AMAT as part of its PROFIT collection. An English version may be available soon.

Leadership Talk

“Leadership Talks” is about leadership, but not about leadership as usual. This book is a collection of different views and perspectives about the new leadership paradigm. From north to south and east to west, this book represents a true collaboration across Europe by 15 subject matter experts and authors belonging to the De Baak Europe Think-Tank where Pinea3 is actively represented.


“Leadership Talks” is a ‘how-to’ book as it helps us consider new ways of thinking for the world we live in today and in the future. The book is organized around four sections: All for One, One for All; The Personal Touch; Brave New World; and Glimpses of the Future. The first two sections of the book set the foundation, the third section provides some of the attributes leaders and organizations will need to posses, and the fourth section presents a models and concepts to draw on when considering the future of organizations.


Based on the principles and the world-view of Pinea3, we have written the Chapter on Conscious Leadership in section 3. Our conclusion is: there is hope, we can do better!.


The book, at present only available in English, has been sponsored and published by De Baak Europe Management Centre in the Netherlands. Noordwijk, 2010.

Public Speaking

Our Pinea3 Partners speak at many corporate in-house events, and leadership off sites, and international industry events and forums


We can provide keynote speakers on the following topics:

Conscious Leadership

Conscious Business Principles

Conscious Gender Equity, Diversity & Team Development

Healthier Organizations through a new Systemic Vision

Systemic Intuition & Systemic intelligence for business

Embodied Leadership

Compassionate Management

Wellbeing in the Workplace

Appreciative Collaboration