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Pinea3 is an international consulting firm specializing in organizational & team development and conscious leadership, using systemic and humanistic solutions and techniques.


We help Owners, CEOs, and Senior Leaders build high performing businesses through a systemic and humanistic methodology for improving the health of organizations.


The unique Pinea3 methodology combines diagnostics with experiential team dynamics to help organizations, teams and individuals achieve better business results by:

More effectively deploying and consolidating strategy and major business changes
Aligning around a purpose, vision, culture and values
Developing conscious leadership
Transforming culture
Enhancing decision making, greater commitment and trust

Pinea3 was established in Barcelona. Three Pinea3 partners operate from the Barcelona office serving the Spanish market and together with the London office serve the wider European and Middle East community. The Barcelona office has extensive experience working with a wide range of clients from corporate and SME to public administration.

Our expertise

Our expertise and depth of knowledge in the Barcelona office encompasses:


Advising CEO, Directors and members of the Board in business strategy and human capital matters.
Advising family owned businesses and family related matters.
Organizational systemic work and decision -making.
Development of high performance teams, collaboration, cooperation and strategic alliances. Use of Appreciative Collaboration (Colaboración Apreciativa) and other specialist methodologies.

A core focus for the Barcelona team is on SMEs and Public Administration and the development of the New Paradigm organizations.


This experience and knowledge is available for all Pinea3 local offices through our Pinea3 Partners and joint projects.

Local news
Jul 2014
Jornada Energía Organizacional en Acción

Más de 40 Directores Generales de diversas empresas y administraciones públicas participaron en la celebración del 5º Aniversario de Pinea3 bajo el nombre “Energía…

Jun 2014
Jornada Energía Organizacional en Acción

Estrategia y Gestión del Cambio en el Nuevo Paradigma de los Negocios

Este año celebramos el 5º aniversario de Pinea3 también con un importante evento…

Jun 2014
New Editions of the pinea3 trainig program

After the success of the last edition of the Pinea3 Practitioner Program we are calling for training opportunities during 2014-15…

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May 2013
Un programa formativo único para transformar las organizaciones en el nuevo paradigma de los negocios.

Después del éxito de la primera edición, hemos convocado el nuevo Pinea3 Practitioner Program para el 3-4-5 de octubre 2013.Se trata de una formación exclusiva para:

▪ Aprender y experimentar una nueva perspectiva de los negocios desde puntos de vista humanistas y sistémicos.

▪ Descubrir la metodología única del Sistema Energético Organizacional ®

▪ Aprender como poder ayudar a las organizaciones a afrontar y gestionar mejor los cambios en el nuevo paradigma de forma práctica y efectiva


Un programa internacional realizado en el Parc Natural del Montseny que es una inigualable oportunidad de formar parte de una comunidad internacional de persones con tus mismos intereses en el nuevo paradigma de los negocios.

Jun 2013
Dr. JOE DISPENZA y Pinea3 en Barcelona

LLevar el cambio a la organización a través de aprender los secretos del cerebro y de cómo modificar nuestra realidad de la mano del conocido científico Joe Dispenza. Taller intensivo el 1 y 2 de junio 2013


Pinea3 colabora con la organización de este importante evento nacional.

Oct 2013
Organizational Energy Training Spring 2013 edition

OE Training Spring 2013 edition took place at a superb 700 years old location in Rupit (Spain).


A group of international managers, entrepreneurs and coaches from several European countries came together to participate in the Pinea3 Spring training course: Pinea3 Practitioner in Organizational Energy, which took place from 15th to 17th April.

Three intensive days of business leadership and personal development created a clear “before vs. after” state with all participants. The unique training module encompassed; learning and experiencing about new business paradigm concepts and practice, pathways to enhanced management skills and improved self-awareness and knowledge.

The venue for this Spring training was chosen for its breathtaking location and special energy among the mountains and lakes of Spain.

It was with a renewed energy and expanded perspective that participants flew back to various corners of the globe all willing to keep in touch and share their experiences as they take their learning back into the workplace.

Mar 2013
Ahora en Madrid el 6 de Marzo 2013! Pinea3 presenta el libro “Energía Organizacional”

Después del gran éxito en la presentación de Barcelona, el día 6 de marzo lo presentaremos en Madrid!


Todo el trabajo de desarrollo y consultoría de los últimos años sobre la Metodología Pinea3 OES (R) de Transformación Organizacional, la experiencia con nuestros clientes 
y nuestra energía como personas y profesionales, 
incluyendo un estudio de caso completo (MRW) 

y muchos enfoques prácticos y reales de empresa.


Todo esto lo encontrarás en el libro “Energía Organizacional: 7 pilares de excelencia empresarial”, que presentamos el próximo día 6 de Marzo en la Casa del Libro (Gran Vía, 29) a las 19:30


Los autores estaremos contentos de firmarte un ejemplar.

¡Estás invitado!


Nov 2012
A call towards a deep change in organizations was acclaimed in a Barcelona forum

A business and cultural forum at Excellence bookstore in Barcelona felt engaged in a talk about the change of paradigm we are involved in and how to bring this change to organizations using the Organizational Energy System ® and the 7 energy levels of each organization. A good energy of change and conscious leadership filled the room while the authors presented the book “Energía Organizacional: 7 pilares de excelencia empresarial”, Ed. Profit 2012, (“Organizational energy: 7 pillars of business excellence”).


Innovative ideas and many real examples; including the case of the leading company MRW (express courier and logistics) were exposed at the event.

The book is now available in Spanish and it will be published in English during the coming months.

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